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Whether you’re a recreational or business traveler, get the knowledge and confidence you need to travel the globe, avoid risks and return home safely.


Attention Business and Recreational Travelers…

The safety and security you want, the confidence to travel the globe for business or pleasure is directly related to your travel safety knowledge and skills.



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Traveling whether in your own country or abroad presents inherent risks. As a Traveler, you face a multitude of potential crisis, emergencies, and disasters while you move about the globe. Street crime is everywhere, and you can easily be the target of any number of crimes including assault, kidnapping, murder, rape, corruption, extortion, trafficking, theft, and robbery as well as hotel invasion. Active Shooters and acts of terrorism are random and can happen anywhere anytime. Corruption and bribery are a way of life in many places around the world and falling victim to these acts is often easier than you think.

When you travel threats to your health can range from tainted drinking water and food to pathogens, illness, and medical emergency’s such as heart attack and stroke, a broken arm or leg or a cut or wound. A lack of understanding and planning for the potential threats that you face can severely affect your trip and the outcome.

The advent of new technology has made it easier to steal proprietary and sensitive information thus making protecting intellectual property while on the move more important than ever before. Natural disasters can cause loss of life and property damage when you don’t have a plan beforehand.

A Comprehensive Practical Travel Safety and Security Solution for Business and Recreational Travelers

Learn how to prepare for your safety as you travel and reduce your risk


Crime & Terrorism

We would all like to believe that the world is a safe place because the truth is scary for most. If you do not know what to look for and what to be aware of you will end up a victim whether in your own country or while abroad. However, once you understand how to develop your awareness skills and learn to recognize the abnormal, know what to do and what not to do everything will change. You will dramatically reduce your risk as you travel.

Health challenges and threats

There are any number of health issues and threats you must consider, some prior to departure and some while at your destination. Your travel could easily be spoiled by a lack of the proper medicine or from ingesting a contaminated food or beverage or worse yet, by exposure to a pathogen at your destination. Starting out with a solid understanding and knowledge base of what the health challenges and threats are that you may face will give you a huge tactical advantage.

Transportation safety

Whether you are driving in your hometown, in another state or country, you cannot underestimate or negate the possibility of accidents. You also must consider your mode of travel whether by airplane, train, bus or cruise ship and all the inherent risks associated with that method of travel.  With knowledge in transportation safety, you can drastically improve confidence and lower risk and get to where you want to go safely.

Protecting Information and Technology

We live in a digital age and information flows freely between our devices daily. What we do not want is for others to have access to that information or technology as it could prove devastating in terms of personal, business, and financial loss. I will explain how to protect your sensitive information as you travel so that you keep that to yourself and maintain business and recreational continuity.

Your Personal Security

If you do not understand the security environment of the travel destination and the risks it poses, your own personal safety and those you are with may be in jeopardy. Compounding your safety is the potential random acts of violence that occur all over the world daily such as active shooters, assault, rape, robbery, hotel invasions, kidnapping and crimes of opportunity. And what about natural disasters? Are you prepared? The main purpose of the Travel Tradecraft Program is to prepare you with knowledge to avoid risks, when possible, reduce your risk of being targeted and mitigate danger as you traverse the globe.

Travel preparation

People travel for business and recreation every day all over the world, but are they prepared? Most do not take the time to delve into all the actions necessary to stay safe before they travel. When you have the information and knowledge at your fingertips in the Travel Tradecraft program, you take charge of your preparation and have a blueprint of what to do and how to do it. You then become the master of your destiny!

Reduce exposure to risk, get critical safety protocols and personal security guidelines to mitigate your vulnerability and maximize your safety and security

What Can You Do to reduce your exposure, avoid danger, build massive confidence, and mitigate your risk?

Just because anyone can pick up and go doesn’t mean they are prepared or understand the risks associated with travel. There is no guarantee that when you leave you will return safely or at all for that matter! Why wouldn’t you do everything you can prior to departure to educate and train yourself and or your employees in the best safe practices so that you reduce risk and have the greatest chance of success in your business or recreational travel?

The more knowledge and information you have to avoid and prevent these things before they happen, the safer you are. The Travel Tradecraft Course gives people and companies the knowledge and skills they need to travel the globe, practical tips, and real-world information on how to stay safe in all types of situations, how to make themselves less of a target for criminals and opportunists, avoid risks and return home safely.

The course equips you with the knowledge you need to avoid risk, improve situational awareness, and encourage best safe practices to ensure you return home safely.

Gaining awareness about what to do in certain situations and why, as well as what to watch for, is crucial for you to travel safer. The Travel Tradecraft program was developed by Dr. Jeff Cantor, a highly experienced former covert operative and internationally renowned security expert, which means everything is based on real, firsthand insight and expertise.

Get Powerful Knowledge, information and critical safety, security, and survival tips in 8 easy to follow Modules:

In MISSION PREP you will discover how to arm yourself with tradecraft situational awareness including practical examples to recognize danger before it strikes, get a baseline read of the environment, identify the abnormal, gather intelligence on criminal typologies so you are prepared in advance, get in-depth knowledge of the same observation and decision cycle that is employed by the military and law enforcement to help you make better faster decisions, how to recognize armed individuals so you can rapidly get off the “X”, how to recognize that you yourself are being targeted and what to do. In this module, you will also learn about cultural diversity and what you should do and not do as you travel.

You will start this module by learning about protecting sensitive information, discover what and how to plan for a business or recreational trip, how and what to pack, all about passports, visas and social media, we will cover health and medical aspects of the pre-departure process, I am going to discuss land transportation and crossing borders with documentation. And from here we move into personal protective equipment as well as specialized items to pre-position prior to and during travel. You will discover an in-depth overview of luggage, how to tamper-proof gear, what type of locks to use and about the TSA. From there, I will give you comprehensive information on hotels including arriving and departing, what to do to gather information prior to booking, I will talk about tips concerning potential threats and what to look out for within the hotel environment. You will then learn all about traveling by cruise ships and trains and about driving while abroad

In this module you will get an in-depth education on surveillance tradecraft. You will learn if hostile surveillance is being conducted on you with real world tradecraft secrets that are non-alerting. These lessons are critical and extremely valuable no matter where you are traveling. The lessons covered are very applicable whether you are going to a business meeting, an ATM, driving or walking to work or shopping. I am going to teach you about what criminals look for and how to avoid the biggest traps so you can reduce your vulnerabilities as you move about. I will offer guidance and tips as to what to do in a variety of circumstances and what to tell others. You are going to learn ‘how they watch you’ from the perspective of a real-world covert operative, I am then going to teach you physical surveillance detection in relationship to people including foot and vehicle surveillance. You will learn the actual tactics to detect physical surveillance while you are moving about and what to do to stay safe, and I will teach you the same protocol that I teach high level government agents. From there you will learn technical surveillance recognition and intrusion detection including vehicles.

In this module you will learn about gathering intelligence, how to develop an escape plan should things get threatening and I will give you comprehensive details of what to do and how to do it in a worst-case scenario. I will talk to you about disguises, what they are, when they may be appropriate and not. You are going to learn about taxi safety and survival and the critical keys to staying safe. You will learn pre-incident indicators of potential danger and I will give you a practical travel example. From there, you will discover all about airport survival and then airplane survival. You will learn about skyjacking and what to do in a worst-case scenario in the air. You will learn a couple of the coveted airline secrets that are only taught to government agents and operators to keep them safe.

Here you will learn the power of visualization to help you train for various potential incidents and threats. I will then give you a detailed overview of getting off the ‘X’, what it is and what you should do so that you can avoid danger before it strikes. You will learn very practical defensive applications in the event you are coming out of a restaurant or going into or out of a public bathroom or perhaps turning the corner on the streets. All these things can present danger whether you are in familiar or unfamiliar surroundings. I will show you simple unarmed defensive actions that you can perform that serve to deter and sometimes prevent simple empty-handed hostile actions against you. You will then learn the secrets of psychological disarmament so that if you find yourself in a situation that is escalating verbally and certain behaviors indicate that person may take it a step further, I am going to show you very realistic tactics you can employ to help you de-escalate the situation. These are the very same tactics I have employed on numerous occasions for de-escalation, and to close the distance gap to an unfriendly. And in this section, you are going to learn what to do if by any chance you are arrested while overseas, what to say and not say and who to contact. 

Health threats are often the biggest threat to the traveler. Here I am going to show you a variety of potential threats and how to avoid them before they become a health concern. You will also learn about some of the pathogens you may encounter as you travel the globe, what they are, how to avoid them when possible and what to do if you should happen to fall victim to them. We are also going to cover travel in the COVID and Post COVID Era so that you are well equipped with knowledge, information, and the confidence to move about your plans while reducing exposure. You will then learn about pre-departure planning for COVID and variants so that you can minimize exposure and travel with peace of mind whether for business or leisure.   

The Travel Risk Management module is designed for corporations, organizations, and businesses to address the constantly changing risk landscape facing their travelers. In these four modules, I will show you the essentials of approaching proactive travel risk management, how to develop a Travel Risk Management Program, what the key ingredients to a great TRM are, how to limit your exposure, protect your people and minimize your risk as a company, organization or business. You will learn about duty of care, standards, conducting risk reviews. I will teach you about risk assessment and the criteria to define various risks. You will learn about travel and what the associated risks are for your people. I will cover the various obstacles you will face and how to overcome them. We will cover program effectiveness so that you have standards in place for policies and I will give you a practical example of a travel risk management program and what specifically it involves.  

There are any number of reasons why companies and organizations may need to evacuate employees or staff from a country or region. There are even more reasons why they may need to relocate their people. Here you will learn the specifics of when, how, and why. You will discover how to plan for such actions and the challenges that you may come up against and what to do to pre-empt problems before they arise. I will discuss the security issues in addition to proactive and active steps companies and organizations can take in regard to evacuating personnel and staff on the ground in unfavorable conditions, emergencies, natural disasters, coups and other events. In this way, you will understand what you are up against and how to best prepare in advance to reduce your exposure, protect your people and get them home safe. 



The Travel Tradecraft Course is the best online learning program of its kind for both business and recreational travelers. It gives people up-to-date real-world knowledge and information they need to stay safe as they travel the globe, avoid risks, equip them with best safe practices, and return home safely.


Travel Tradecraft content addresses concerns about travel safety whether you are traveling local, in your own country or abroad. The program is designed from real world experience to help you prepare for and mitigate all types of travel risks ranging from crime and terrorism to threats to your health, medical, transportation and airline safety and a great deal more.  It teaches not only active avoidance principles and risk mitigation, but also how to identify when you are being targeted and how to respond. From our real-world experiences, we give you insight and understanding into what your exposure may be as you travel, how to minimize those risks, preempt threats to yourself, how and what to prepare, how to plan and how to react to a variety of potential situations and issues that can pose a threat or which you may be confronted with as you travel globally.

The Travel Tradecraft course gives companies, organizations and business and recreational travelers a tactical edge in a world of uncertainty.



Micro-Learning for Knowledge and Retention 

The Travel Tradecraft course benefits companies and organizations by offering micro-learning for knowledge and retention. We understand the importance of employee’s, staff and manager’s time and schedules, which is why the program is available to them 24x7. Bite-size granular information to fit training into their work schedule while increasing travel security knowledge and competence rapidly with engaging and compelling content.

Create a Safety Culture 

As companies and organizations take on a more global dimension travel safety has been thrust to the top of most lists. A robust travel security training program establishes safety as a company priority. It demonstrates leadership and values and shows that you truly care about your personnel’s well-being both in and out of the office. Positive safety culture also improves organizational performance.

More than Duty of Care 

The lessons in the modules offer a blueprint for travel safety and security stressing best practices whether traveling across the globe or driving home from the office. Travel Tradecraft gives employees the skills and knowledge needed to safeguard their well-being wherever they may roam to mitigate risk and reduces liability and exposure.

Cost Efficient and Convenient 

Our Travel Tradecraft online training course is a proven method to reduce cost and improve ROI while still providing high quality professional training and education to employees and staff.

Subject Matter Expertise 

Experienced insight to reduce risks, minimize liability and be proactive

Professional Training and Consulting Solutions  

We also offer training and consulting solutions tailored to meet your needs on every level. Classroom, practical training and activities in direct relation to operating environments. In-person and via Zoom or other online video conference platforms.



Subject Matter Expert 

Travel Safety and Security knowledge and intelligence that was derived from real world travel experience from a former covert operative, kidnap & ransom response specialist and international security expert. 

Learn Best Safety and Security Practices 

Learn safety and security practices, tactics, techniques, and protocols that help you vastly increase your protection no matter where you travel.

Prepare for Unexpected Risks  

The course gives you safety tips and tricks from an ‘operatives insider’ perspective that move the safety and security needle to the risk reduction side.

Simple and Powerfully Effective Awareness Skills 

The course imparts a great deal of ‘operative’ like awareness skills that are insightful, and practical with functionally applicable optics that reduce risk and help ensure safety.


When it comes to Travel Safety and Security, dependability trumps most other skills and talents. Ours is built on consistency and quality. You are not willing to gamble with your safety, so bet on Travel Tradecraft and the Safe Travel Specialist when you want a dependable travel safety and security training and education solution.

Professional Training and Consulting Solutions 

We offer consulting and training packages for groups or 1:1, that provide priority high level confidence, knowledge, and skills for travelers. Please email us for more information


What Some of Our Clients are Saying About Us...


The White House

Recommendation from Terry L. Hunt, Jr. ( Former White House Staff, Bush & Clinton Administration )

Dr. Jeffery Cantor has been a trusted friend colleague and ally of many years. His expertise has been invaluable in the business of defense tactics and “active shooter” training, The cutting-edge training provides the trainee with real life hands-on experience straight from the field not available in any textbook.

VIEW Recommendation Letter

After undergoing the online training program with Dr. Cantor, we now have a plan of action that gives us a sense of security and self-confidence not only for traveling but at home as well. Somehow this is transmitted to a potential threat, and we no longer feel like a soft target. I can’t begin to tell you how good that feels.

After learning the skill sets to survive, surprisingly, he then trains conflict avoidance and how to be aware of your surroundings and detect and avoid any type of threat. I would recommend his training course to anyone that is interested in personal protection, safety and peace of mind but more importantly, I would highly recommend Dr. Cantor!

Anthony Gargiulo

United States Air Force Veteran and Insurance Agent

As an active Sheriff’s Deputy, and an airplane sales consultant, my job takes me to many places around the world, some in high-risk countries. The training course I underwent with Dr. Cantor has helped me negotiate some rough terrain and people.

He has added tremendous value to the outcome I am trying to achieve in my business. The results I have attained speak immeasurably for his guidance and uncovering abilities. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn about personal security, travel safety or enhance their abilities in close quarters weapons training.

Anatoli Schwartz

Sheriff’s Deputy and Business Owner

Dr. Jeff Cantor has an incredible background and has written a series of books on his experiences as an operative.

When you’re on a business trip in a foreign land and you get kidnapped and taken into the jungle, Jeff is the guy they send to come get you!

His book the Black Ops Business Edge was the basis for a multi-city seminar tour he did for us at Hewlett Packard.

W. Bernot

Hewlett Packard

Good Day fellow Security Professionals. Today, I want to tell you about a Certification Program that I recently have gone through. The program is extraordinary, but more importantly, you will want to know about the guy who develops the programs. His name is Dr. Jeff Cantor and I have personally known him for over 15 years strong. Most of you will not know of him because until recently he has had no commercial presence for good reason. I have logged hundreds of hours over the years on phone calls with him as a mentor and have trained live with him at a PSD Operator course he taught a few years ago. The best way I can describe Jeff is to compare him to Liam Neeson in the movie, Taken or to Jason Bourne, except he is not an actor, which is why he has been off the radar until recently.

He is a real Kidnap & Ransom Response Specialist that has planned and executed real world operations for the recovery of kidnapped victims including planning, and executed asset transport. Jeff has also been involved in relocation, and setting up safe houses for at-risk people and personnel in numerous international forums. He is also an expert in high-risk environments and specializes as a close quarter combat instructor, SWAT Instructor, professional educator, and corporate trainer. Jeff is a subject matter expert (SME) advisor, published author, keynote speaker, consultant and professional trainer with decades of real-world experience. Bottom line, he is the real deal, and this is coming from a guy who served, and has been in the protection and security business as a professional for over two decades. His Travel Tradecraft Course was very insightful and added to my security knowledge. I am highly recommending the course to all my security professional peers as well as my friends that they take the course and use the information contained in it to expand their security mindset and business.

Patrick Cox

United States Marine Corp Veteran, CEO of Strategic Security and Intelligence Solutions

I’ve been in law enforcement for 26 years most of that has been in that business of Special Operations SWAT and explosive detection units.

During that time, I have had the honor of being able to train and meet with a lot of interesting people from SEAL Teams to Rangers to Secret Service SOG Teams and I try to be a sponge and soak up as much as I can and pass it on. Jeff is one of those guys.

Mike Kersey

Multi-Jurisdictional SWAT Commander

Dr. Jeff really delivered for us. The online training is great, and it was even better in-person, Excellent energy!

He was prepared and delivered fantastic information that was relevant, needed and inspiring for the times. The course and his workshop should be a global standard as part of everyone’s business safety and security programs.

The leadership and experience that Dr. Jeff demonstrated has improved communication, results and leadership competency, and has helped empower us to be a better company!

Teresa Harrington

CMP President Ancomp

I have spent a lot of time, money and sweat in the past on different Martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other MMA, I only wish I would have trained with Dr. Cantor sooner so I would not have lost all that time. Jeff gave me what my military training and the mixed martial arts did not–the tools to effectively dominate any attacker and any situation whether armed or unarmed.

Jeremy McCowan

82nd Airborne, Desert Storm Veteran

As a realtor I am always looking for ways to stay safe and with my newfound education from the course, it really gave me what I feel is a tactical advantage in safety as I go about my business as a real estate agent.

I would recommend Dr. Cantor and his course to any person or small business owner to help them stay safe and protect all that they have worked for.

Stan Epstein

Vietnam Veteran/Defense Coach / Realtor

I have known Dr. Jeff for over three decades. I have spent countless hours training with him in-person and have taken his online courses. I can tell you without hesitation that what he teaches is from real life experience and I can also say that is what makes all the difference in the world to me. His in-depth knowledge of the security and tactical world is vast, and he explains everything on a level that is easy to understand no matter your background. I highly recommend his Travel Tradecraft course. I can honestly say I learned more applicable travel skills in the course than in all my years combined traveling the globe. It is exceptional in critical information that you will greatly need as a traveler and that same information is completely applicable to your everyday life. More importantly, than the course, I recommend Dr. Jeff!

Dr. Gary Erzin

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